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Exercise Over Painkillers For Treating Sciatica

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the improvement of an athlete. Aside from the skills and mind-set, training is also a huge factor that helps an athlete perform better. In training, an athlete does various routines that focus on different muscle groups. Back pain is common for an athlete during or after training. But, most people are not aware that back pain also has different types, and one of them is called sciatica. It usually affects the lower back. However, the pain goes from the back and down through the leg. Thus, sciatica is often mistaken as an ordinary back pain that causes more complications.

According to Geoff McMaster, the pain brought by sciatica can come on suddenly in an acute, disabling way, resolving after a couple of months, or it can fluctuate over time. Moreover, it can also be felt in a number of places. Thus, it is possible to have sciatica without experiencing back pain. About eighty-five percent of people suffer from back pain, but only two to ten percent will have true sciatica. People who have sciatica often take painkillers. However, Geoff recommends exercise over painkillers. Learn more about this.

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