Phase IV Clinical Trials


Renew Health Clinical conducts Phase IV clinical trials quickly and efficiently at its clinical facilities in Atlanta and Saint Petersburg. An extensive database and relationships with private practice medical offices ensures rapid recruitment of study participants for a wide variety of trials.


We deploy a team of experts - including physicians, project managers, specialists in quality assurance, and study coordinators - to custom fit a program to your specific needs. Accordingly, advanced equipment, skilled staff, meticulous material handling, and timely reporting of study data ensure the smooth completion of projects.


Our departments and business processes comply with current GCP and ICH guidelines, while an internal quality-assurance unit validates study data and reports, providing the basis for our exceptional regulatory success. With a full range of services from study recruitment to submission, Renew Health Clinical provides everything you need to efficiently conduct your study.


Experienced, on-site physicians and medical professionals are available to ensure the safety of our participants. 


If you are interested in participating in a clinical study, we have opportunities for volunteers and individuals who may have special conditions. Each clinical study has specific volunteer criteria that must be met in order to participate. For more information about available studies, click here.

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