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Renew Health was founded in 2016, a year in which 39 new molecular entities were approved by the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.


At this time, over 120,000 studies had been registered on ClinicalTrial.gov, and this number was only increasing as innovation in biotechnology and bioinformatics yielded new potential therapies. 


With the volume of clinical studies rising, the need for qualified personnel to provide study oversight and experienced clinical sites was growing exponentially. 


While the volume of clinical trials was trending up during this period, according to the FDA Office of Scientific Investigations, the overall quality of several research organisations was not meeting industry standards.


Renew Health Clinical Research was founded to help improve industry standards by creating a new niche in the research industry. 



Developed a New Niche


Renew Health's model was built upon establishing the company within a thriving medical centre in Northeast Georgia. The goal was to recruit physicians within the medical centre to be the spokesperson on how their patients could receive better treatments for their current medical conditions. Renew Health went a step further by properly training research naive personnel on ICH/GCP guidelines, industry approved SOP's, and the conduct of phase II-IV clinical trials.


In addition, a database was created with potential research subjects across a wide range of clinical indications by storing their medical records, medications they have taken, up to date lab reports from their standard of care visits, and their thoughts on research to have clinical trials up and running in records times. This database has been effective at predicting enrollment and screen failure rates during the feasibility process.

With a solid foundation to help sponsors create more advanced medical therapies, Renew Health Clinical Research was able to provide the industry with the resources to get new therapies to market in faster times.


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