• Dianne Mae

Mucus: Your Real Savior from Pathogens

Most people would surely hate to get in touch with some sticky, slippery, and stringy fluids around the corners. But little did they know, these slimy fluids have a reversed role inside the human body. Such kind of substances like mucus has an essential role in the certain processes happening inside your body. Along the 200 square meters depth of the human body lies the terminals of sticky fluids called mucus. Basically, it covers some of the most sensitive body organs, which include the digestive and urinary tract and the lungs. Earlier scientific revelations have only emphasized that mucus traps pathogens and prevent them from taking over the body. However, recent researches show that mucus doesn't only hamper the viruses and bacteria from entering the body, but it also demobilizes the pathogens causing them to fall weak and fail to ignite infection inside the body.

A kind of sugar molecules found in the mucous called Glycans is the main opponent of bacteria and viruses when they are trying to break into the human body. According to the study, glycans hinder the bacteria from conveying signals to each other and instead render themselves harmless to the organs. In this way, infectious damages are not incurred and prevent them from further develop while they are inside the human body.

Read here to find more information about the mucus and how it helps the body's immune system.

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