• Dianne Mae

Healthy Teeth for A Healthy Heart

Who knew brushing our teeth can do more to your health other than strengthening your teeth and gums? Recent studies have now shown that engaging with hygienic practice on a regular basis could also significantly reduce the risk of heart failures and complications. Researchers and experts alike have found evidence and clues linking poor oral hygiene to various respiratory complications. Such findings have also bridged pancreatic and esophageal cancer risks in substantial correlation with mouth bacteria. Some study also shows that blood clots of various patients that received emergency treatment for stroke and heart failures have been found to have oral bacteria in them.

Reports in accordance with these studies have suggested severe gum disease can be linked directly to a substantial risk of an individual to suffer from hypertension. At the same time, these experts have also found out that destroying oral bacteria needed by the mouths could disrupt healthy blood pressure levels and can consequently lead to hypertension, as well. Meaning, as regular brushing can keep an individual’s mouth and heart-healthy, too much of it could also bring adverse effects. Learn more about this study here.

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