• Dianne Mae

Combat Melanoma with Vitamin D

This study focuses on the newly uncovered biological mechanism wherein vitamin D can change the course of melanoma. The proponents of the study suggest that reducing the pathway activity of melanoma cells could be a way to fight the most dangerous type of skin cancers. They also found out that melanoma is less dangerous if they have low levels of vitamin D.

The study began by looking at what happens when cells lack vitamin D receptor as vitamin D does not send signals to cells if it does not have VDRs. The scientists investigated VDR from 703 human melanoma tumors and another 353 melanoma tumors that spread from the original site. The study resulted in finding out that tumors grow faster with low VDR. It also showed that tumors showed lower expression in gene-controlled pathways that promote immune activity against cancer cells. Vitamin D cannot treat cancer. Nevertheless, it can be used to boost the effects of immunotherapy to help attack cancer cells.

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