• Dianne Mae

Trending News: Marijuana is Becoming an Internet Star

Since the legalization of marijuana, a lot of people have revealed their interests in it. A new analysis found that cannabidiol or CBD has a higher rank on most of the search engines on the internet than any other kinds of therapies. It is because of the wide-ranging uses of CBD to human lives. CBD's value as a health supplement remains indeterminate, with few major health authorities weighing in on its benefits or potential side effects. The authors of the study believe that this is because they may not understand the extent to which people are interested in the substance. The team hopes to remedy this with hard data that prompts experts to prioritize more research.

Health scientists agreed that there is a massive curiosity about CBD on the internet. The emerging number of inquiries that the team recorded in other states demonstrates that CBD is a general topic of interest. According to some researches, states with legalized recreational marijuana use had the most significant number of online CBD searches. It means that the legalization of CBD contributes to the high ranking place of it online. The researchers also tracked searches for other health-related topics, products, and alternative therapies. They say that for every two internet searches for dieting in the U.S., there is always one for CBD. While the number of searches for CBD was roughly equal to those for yoga and e-cigarettes, CBD queries swamped the search numbers for other popular health topics.

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