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Taking Melatonin While Pregnant. Is it Safe?

A topic of concern for pregnant woman, who have trouble sleeping, is not knowing if taking melatonin is safe for their unborn baby. Well, there is currently little research done to prove the risk of this since researchers would be held liable if anything happen to the unborn baby. However, there are known adverse effects from melatonin in the general population that include allergic reactions, interactions with prescription medication, and daytime drowsiness. Since supplements are not FDA approved, the melatonin could contain ingredients not listed on the label, that could affect a developing fetus.

There is literature published that state short term melatonin use may reduce pregnancy complications and improve fetal brain development, but do not recommend taking it during pregnancy since the safety has not been fully tested. Poor sleep has the potential to cause problems during labor and if you're unsure if melatonin is right for you below is a list alternatives that can help you sleep at night:

1. Going to bed and waking up at the same times

2. Using a pregnancy pillow for support

3. Sleeping in a dark, cool room without television or computer screens

4. Exercising during the day

5. Avoiding caffeine in the afternoons and evening

6. Meditation

7. Relaxation exercises

8. Progressive muscle relaxation at bedtime

9. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

As there is no scientific fact that melatonin is unsafe for pregnant women. They are advised to consult their doctor or midwife prior to supplementation or try alternative methods to get the best night sleep possible.

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