• Javonte Maynor

Softer Midsole Shoes Can Reduce Injury Amongst Runners

According to body mass, researchers have confirmed that softer midsole shoes reduced injury amongst recreational runners by 52%. They backed this claim by saying that shoe cushioning is expected to protect runners against repetitive loading of the musculoskeletal system and therefore running-related injuries. It is recommended that overweight runners use a footwear that has shock absorption properties to prevent running related injuries.

Softer Midsole Shoes Can Reduce Injury.

In a study that tested, how shoe cushioning influences the injury risk in recreational runners and whether the association depends on the runner's body mass, scientist concluded that injury risk was higher in participants running in the hard shoes compared with those using the soft shoes. However, the relative protective effect of greater shoe cushioning was found only in lighter runners.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31877062

Source: https://www.sportsmedres.org/softer-midsole-shoes-reduce-injury-risk/

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