• Javonte Maynor

Screening Travelers For The Coronavirus Is Not Effective, According to UCLA Study

A recent article published by the LA Daily News confirmed that screening travelers for the coronavirus is not very effective and that it catches less than half of all infected travelers on average. According to a UCLA study, most infected travelers are not showing symptoms and do not know they are infected until after the screening process is over.

Researchers at UCLA are advocating that the United States government enhance and improve the screening process in major travel hubs and airports. However, this place a major load on government officials and health officials since they will have to track and follow travelers to confirm they do not get sick later and will have to isolate them and document their contacts. President Donald Trump has placed a travel ban to countries that have large confirmed cases of the coronavirus since it's now realized that our current quarantine methods are not sufficient to stop the spread. As numbers continue to grow in the US, health officials ask that people, who are traveling on planes, to use antiseptic wipes to clean their seats and also wear face mask while in airports.

The source for this information came from DailyNews.com.

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