• Javonte Maynor

Research Find That Dreams Can Forecast Illness Years In Advance

To believe that our dreams can predict or forecast a developing illness, will label you as crazy. The reason is that at this time more research is needed to support the role dreams have in detecting disease during the early onset. Famous Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle, once said that the beginnings of diseases and other distempers which are about to visit the body… must be more evident in the sleeping state. His hypothesis was tested in a neurological research study in which violent and aggressive dreams combined with physically acting out showed early warning signs of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson. This study was able to prove that dreams of this sort could appear up to 10 years prior to any signs of memory loss.

Dreams with images of us experiencing physiological changes are termed prodromal dreams. Psychologist are studying these dreams due to the possibility that they can predict the onset of a disease prior to any appearance of symptoms. The anatomy of the human body show that all the nerves that run throughout the body is connected to the brain. These nerves may be sending signals to the subconscious brain telling it that we are getting sick. In today's medicine, the standard of care is to test the blood and urine of patients for signs of illness. It would be just as beneficial if clinicians used dream interpretation to diagnose and treat patients before symptoms could manifest. However, to get this point we will need more research and study of prodromal dreams.

To learn more about prodromal dreams and the many cases of people having dreams that later revealed a serious disorder, visit the source for this post Psychology Today.

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