• Dianne Mae

Protein? Not a Whey!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

This study focuses on how the protein supplementation can use in gaining strength and muscles after their training routines. They are also increasingly using protein supplementation after exercise to improve their performance as an athlete. However, it remains unclear if protein supplements help improve a person’s endurance during training or exercise routines. That is why these authors conducted a placebo-controlled trial to see if frequent protein supplementation during 12 weeks of endurance training would improve endurance performance. The authors randomly assigned 60 non-obese males into two groups, which are the protein group and the placebo group.

Before the program starts, the participants have gone through a lot of tests to determine their lean mass. During the program, each participant exercised on a cycle ergometer three times/week during supervised training. After each training session and 15 minutes before bedtime, each participant consumed 250 mL of either protein or carbohydrate placebo drink. At the end of the 12-week regime, the groups had similar maximum oxygen uptake, performance on a time trial, and muscular endurance. However, the researchers noticed that the protein group might have experienced a slightly bigger improvement in lean leg mass than the placebo group. Overall, this study demonstrates that an athlete who is trying to increase their maximal oxygen uptake and performance in cycling does not need to supplement with protein. This study also offers that there may be no added benefit for endurance athletes. To learn more, go here.

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