• Dianne Mae

More About OCD and Anxiety

According to some medical studies, microglia has a wide range of advantages in the brain. However, it also has disadvantages depending on the type of microglia, which also explains that not all microglia are the same. It is a type of immune cell that can be found in the brain. This study also talks about the connection of these immune cells to female hormones. Based on a study paper, abnormal microglia activity may cause depression or anxiety and can even prolonged stress. It has also found out that Hoxb8, which is a transcription factor that can alter cell behavior by switching genes on and off. Other researchers have also shown that mice that have no Hoxb8 tend to over-groom, a behavior similar to the human disorder trichotillomania, a type of OCD that causes individuals to pull out their hair. However, they did not establish which cells are involved.

Moreover, the team tries to identify the cells responsible for this behavior. Their experiments showed that inactive Hoxb8-lineage microglia in mice caused over-grooming, and it can stop the compulsive behavior. They also suspected that microglia have a role in anxiety and neuropsychological disorders in humans because this cell type can release substances that may harm neurons. Learn more about this great news now!

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