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HIV: New HIV Vaccine is a New Hope

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

According to statistics, there are around 1.1 million people in the United States have HIV. Thus, HIV is one of the most controversial and alarming things that erupted around the world. Due to this, people are terrified, as some say that this is a disease with no cure. But, a recent study claims that antiretroviral therapy can contribute to the destruction of the HIV Virus. The antiretroviral therapy help over a half of the HIV positive to have a deficient level of the virus. It means that the virus can no longer transmit to other people. Antiretroviral therapy is said to be one of the hopes of people with HIV as it can lessen the effect of the virus. But along with its advantages, it can also bring side effects to humans. People who have undergone this therapy may experience gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance, and bleeding events. Moreover, it can also affect bone density, liver health, and neurological and psychiatric health.

More researches are conducted in finding a cure to end all the miseries and pains experienced by an HIV positive person. Studies claimed that the virus goes latent by hiding itself in the DNA of T helper immune cells. The team decided to look at a different virus with a similar behavior that affects 95 percent of people living with HIV, which is the cytomegalovirus (CMV). According to Rinaldo, 1 out of every 5 T cells is specific to that one virus. The medical scientists are working so hard to finally develop a vaccine that would allow people living with HIV to stop taking antiretroviral medication every day. Aside from antiretroviral therapy, researchers also found another type of immune cell called dendritic cells. According to them, this immune cell can also work in killing HIV in the human body. They need to kick the virus out of its hiding place and destroy it without adding any other drug or therapy.

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