• Dianne Mae

Brain Injury: The Main Cause of Dementia Among Adults

Dementia is a kind of abnormality that involves memory loss, reasoning instability, and language and problem-solving difficulty. But in contrast with what most people assume, dementia is not a single-term disease. Apparently, dementia is the most perfect medical term that can collectively describe a wide-ranging mental condition related to the decline of cognitive abilities. One of the most common diseases, which is highly-associated with dementia, is Alzheimer's disease. It's commonly tagged as the primary reason why dementia develops. However, some studies have unveiled that Alzheimer's diseases are no longer the main cause of dementia among adults. It's the traumatic brain injury that commonly ignites the further development of dementia to most people in the old-age bracket.

A certain study conducted by a team of researchers from UCLA and Washington University revealed that dementia experienced by an individual can now be distinguished depending on its cause, with just the use of MRI scans. According to the said study, MRI scans can now differentiate the sudden memory loss caused by Alzheimer's disease and brain injury. This new discovery is indeed important for the patients because the treatment is absolutely crucial and may instantly go wrong due to misdiagnosis. Undergoing a series of MRI sessions doesn't take a lot. There is a specific software program installed to it which can fully analyze the brain activities happening. With proper interpretation, the utmost cause of dementia can now be determined and distinguished from each and any other.

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