• Javonte Maynor

Research Database has solutions for faster subject enrollment

Renew Health Clinical Research is the partner of choice for Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Organizations looking for competent sites and principal investigators with 5 years or more of clinical trial experience. Currently, Renew Health specialize in indications such as migraines/headaches, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, chronic lower back pain, neck pain, respiratory infections, and peripheral diabetic neuropathy. With over 400 subjects listed in our research database in each indication, Renew Health promise a faster timeline by 2 weeks from study start up to the first subject screened and enrolled.

The key to our success has been developing a secure database that document each subjects illness, the medications taken for that illness, and there recent lab results for an effective pre-screening strategy. It's as simple as performing an advanced search based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria and finding the subjects that meet all of the study requirements.

We know the industry need sites that are skilled at meeting enrollment goals so please contact us at info@renewhealthcr.com for more information on how we can improve health together.

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