• Dianne Mae

There's More to Cilantro!

Cilantro is known for its huge benefits in the food industry. It adds a unique taste to soups and other dishes. Aside from the profits, it gives on the food industry, it already has a long history of benefits as folk medicine anticonvulsants. Even though there are still a lot of underlying mechanisms of how the herbs like cilantro worked, studies continue to arise. Therefore, more discoveries are found for the improvements in therapeutics and the development of more efficacious drugs.

In a new study conducted at the University of California, a huge discovery was found. As they are screening the cilantro leaf metabolites, it revealed something important. They found a component of cilantro that binds to a specific part of the potassium channels to open them, reducing cellular excitability.

If you want to discover more about this study, go here.

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