• Dianne Mae

Self-sufficient bots - Possible?

Perhaps, nano-technology is one of the greatest inventions that are ever developed in the present generation. It serves many and various functions to maintain a quality life for everyone. But as the years went by, it became more developed and more advanced until a self-sufficient robot is now on the verge of becoming possible.

A brilliant team from the University of Illinois came up with the very first amphibian biobots fueled by live cardiac muscles obtained from rodents. As described from the study, these two-tailed biobots can literally walk and swim around with the help of rat's beating muscle. The muscle's activities are triggered with the help of on-board motor neurons. As these optogenetic neurons are exposed to light, the muscles used for locomotor are reactivated. Hence, these self-sufficient robots are able to take their prescribed actions.

An amazing discovery, right? Read more here.

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