• Dianne Mae

Research Unveils a New Indicator of Parkinson's Disease

Body movements are the most crucial elements of life. It literally keeps one's life from going. But sadly, there's one condition that hinders people from freely forming some important body actions- it's known as Parkinson's disease. This particular disorder originates from the nervous system and gradually progressing in a long-term race. An excessive tremor in different parts of the body like hands is the most noticeable characteristic of this disease. It continues to develop, especially when proper medication is not imposed until the patient loses his/her control of his/her body. The main known cause of why this condition occurs is because the brain neurons are breaking down and falling weaker. In this case, they can no longer sustain their functions and instead affect the motor nerves. Actually, it's too difficult to detect this disease at an early age. However, a new study has revealed some new possible indicators of this disease.

According to research, rapid eye movement (REM) is associated with the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. REM is a sleep disorder where the patient literally acts all his/her vivid dreams during his/her sleep. It may involve some physical actions like vocal sounds, violent arms, and legs. As stated from the research, people who suffer from this sleeping condition are most likely to develop Parkinson's disease in the future because in the long-term experiment they have conducted, 73.5 percent of the people with REM was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease later on.

Interesting fact! Read here to learn more.

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