• Dianne Mae

Reason Why Poor People Get More Heart Disease

Lack of sleep is very evident to people who are busy but according to a study in a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), insufficient sleep is the cause of heart disease for some people. Individuals who are in a lower socioeconomic class tend to have the risk of having heart diseases. Their lifestyle of having several works, living in a busy and noisy environment and a greater level of emotional stress leads to fewer hours of sleep.

This was the first large population-based study that examined whether lack of sleep was the reason why people in a lower socioeconomic status has heart disease. Study says that 13.4% of occupation and coronary heart disease was linked to men who have short sleep. The author of this study, Dusan Petrovic of the University Center of General Medicine and Public Health said that “Structural reforms are needed at every level of society to enable people to get more sleep”. Get more information about this here.

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