• Dianne Mae

E-Sports News : Gamers Experience the Same Level of Stress as Pro-Athletes

E-sport is a competition sport that uses video games. It is also similar to the usual sports as players compete against each other. There are also a lot of differences as E-sports is played with different online games. It is one of the trends nowadays which makes some researchers curious. In the University of Chichester, a group examined the challenges encountered by the elite sports professionals once they compete in major contests. They found out that players encountered different stress factors. Moreover, these stress factors are also similar to pro-athletes experience.

The researchers performed an investigation and it was published in the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations. They interviewed professional players who take part in the game called Counter-Strike. The researchers recommend that e-sport players were given psychological training so that they can learn to participate in coping techniques to help them prepare for the pressures of competing at different levels. To learn more about this study, go here.

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