Key Performance Indicators

Choosing the right site results in rapid study start-up, successful patient recruitment/retention, and quality data.

At Renew Health, our facility is measured by the following benchmarks: subject enrollment, subject retention percentages, budget/contract turnaround, and protocol deviations.


We ensure quality at our site by:


  • Overseeing budget and contract negotiations.

  • Ensuring the completion and maintenance of all regulatory documents.

  • Comprehensive GCP/ICH training and continuing education standards for our investigators and coordinators.

  • Handling all aspects of communication.

  • Completing study visits within window.

  • The performance of all study related ancillary services.

  • Maintenance of all study-related documents.

  • Resolution of any DCF or EDC queries within 5 business days.

  • Prompt resolution and reporting of protocol deviations to appropriate parties.

  • Maintenance of the study product in accordance with the protocol and our SOP's.

  • Maintenance of study-specific material including devices and lab kits.


We ensure proper clinical trial management by:


  • Conducting internal monitoring to ensure adherence to protocol and sponsor SOP's.

  • Staffing our site with experienced and trained clinical research coordinators.

  • Employing recruitment specialists to execute comprehensive enrollment plans.



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